Inbound Marketing

Seeking to Market Your Business Online? 

The latest technique for utilizing the internet as an online platform is through Inbound Marketing.  Inbound marketing attracts potential clients and turns them into customers wanting your business.   Inbound marketing begins with aligning your content you publish with your customer’s interests and engage prospects.  According to HubSpot an online marketing company, content creation process starts with answering your customer’s basic questions and needs.  As potential clients engage with your online platforms a solicitation strategy is in place to keep those leads engaged.  As a business owner having a personal touch point, landing page or call to action is key to really convincing a stranger to become a loyal customer.  For inbound marketing to be effective it is important to have integration analytic tools.  Inbound marketing can be seen as a simple four step process: 1) Identification 2) Cultivation 3) Solicitation 4) Engagement.

To identify potential clients through inbound marketing can be done through analyzing social media engagement, blogging, keywords and landing pages.


Cultivation process is leveraged by current content your business has online and through your staff to carefully solicit and understand the client’s needs. Cultivation process includes type of engagement through online platforms, whether it be FB likes, times of the day people are viewing your content, how your online platforms gather client information.  HubStop references landing pages, online forms and call to action as part of the cultivation process.


Solicitation process is analyzing the type of engagement that occurred in the cultivation process.  This would include which online platform provides the strongest lead, which call to action has potential clients reaching out for more information and providing your sales and marketing team metrics to work with.  The Engagement process begins after you acquired your new client can be done through sending helpful information to better enhance user experience, or have a personal follow up in a timely manner about questions or concerns your client may have and address feedback to make your business better.  Inbound marketing requires timing, place and creative content to keep your business ahead of the competition.


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