Online Marketing


The internet has a vast array of tools and online communities that are helpful for marketing your business online.   Online communities now are a new standard many businesses are slowly taking on to reach new client acquisitions.  The usefulness of the online community can be seen through tactic interactions and the Bass diffusion model.  


The Bass diffusion model explains that those with experience in the field can take upon new adopters based on how innovative and how quickly an adopter can digest the concept or idea.  Tactic interactions involve having a strategy on how to solicit potential clients online through the different online communities. Dion Hinchcliffe wrote a article “Ten Leading platforms for creating online communities”, that explains the importance of tactic interactions and Bass diffusion model and a list of ten leading platform online communities as a great resource to begin to build your online community.

     Creating an online community is only half the battle in marketing your business online.  Online community platforms provide analytics that a user can measure to determine which type on Web 2.0 application aides in providing the best client acquisition.  This leads to business intelligence generated from your online community.  Working with your web developer and testing and integrating application codes is one way to test the effectiveness of your online platforms.  A company that assists business in understanding business intelligence generated by online platforms is Brandtology.


Brandtology business model is to use social analytics and social insights to provide clients with “social assets” about potential new customers and respond in a timely manner.


Another company called Meltwater provides clients with not only business intelligence about their online platforms but also their competitors’ social platforms.   Online marketing companies such as Meltwater and Brantology are showing a trend that marketers and online platform developers are now collaborating to provide clients with proactive strategies to stay ahead of the competition.


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